DXRacer PC Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer is a leading brand in gaming chairs. The company has achieved the respect and recognition from gamers worldwide for delivering stellar polyurethane-foam ergonomic office computer chair that can be customized to suit your needs and budget.

Sit comfortably while you work. The DXRacer PC gaming chair is tailored to your needs. Whether it’s playing videos games, writing code, or surfing the internet: with this supportive ergonomic chair you’ll be ready to go.

DXRacer T300 Series

T300 Series is one of the most advanced PC gaming chair. It provides you with ergonomic reclining, which can be set to any imaginable position. The neck pillow and lumbar support are built-in for your neck and back respectively. Furthermore, the chair comes with a 7 color/pattern options so that you have enough choices to match different desktops or offices.

LX Series

The LX Series is our second series and offers a more stylish, slim, and light-weight ergonomic office chair design. Its sleek form and sturdy base highlights its affordability for the executive or professional user in need of a seat upgrade without breaking the bank.

With your DXRacer chair you can bring gaming into adulthood with minimal skin sagging when it’s time to do one’s morning stretches. Whether lifting free weights or stretching your limbs after ages of slouching over funny cat videos on YouTube, find confidence as you perform these self conscious duties outside of prying eyes by rocking out some good tunes while comfortably sitting on the top of an LX Series Gaming Chair. Become the envy of neighbors!

Formula Series

The Formula Series is the best-selling series of gaming chairs DXRacer has to offer, due to its affordable entry-level price for the premium seating experience it offers. The leather surface and comfortable contouring provides hours of comfort, while still maintaining its sleek aesthetic with a simplistic design that will work well with any setup.

The Formula Gaming Chair features a seamless force distribution system, patented headrest design, comfortable tilt and height control with progressive locking system (no wobbling) all at an outstanding price. Made of quality materials inside and out, we back our chairs one hundred percent with a five-year warranty on everything – parts or labor!

DXRacer gaming chair appeals to people who want more than just average but don’t mind paying for it. It can also be used in offices when someone wants something other than an office chair but will work well enough as a gaming chair as well.

Ergonomics Design

DXRacer chairs are designed for ergonomics, so you can prolong your gaming sessions. Find the perfect piece of home furniture depending on your style and needs, like our newest couch-style Vortex model or classic executive chair designs like the Duke.


The DXRacer vortex allows you to lounge in comfort while still feeling upright for those marathon gaming sessions no matter what mode of gameplay you’re into, from intense FPS campaigns to MOBAs to 3D platformers. This full recline sitdown PC Gaming Chair is all about pure comfort with total body support all day long… trust us!


This chair is the perfect ergonomic fit for any professional or casual gamer. It features a lever to easily change from upright to reclining position, as well as high back and headrest with customized lumbar support. You’ll never sit stiffly again with this ultimate gaming chair in your arsenal.

With ergonomic design, DXRacer chairs increase comfort during long hours of play. The high back and low armrests give a relaxing atmosphere for gamers who understand what they need to get an edge on their opponents.

Large-sized wheels make flipping the seat quick and easy if you need to grab some snacks or move out of the way while setting up your gaming station.

To add style, a worn design is on both sides of the chair to conceal some wear-and-tear over time (or any accidental spills!).

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